Rachel Epstein, MD


“I can confidently counsel my patients that we provide the latest and the greatest in laser vision correction because we plan our treatments with Phorcides.  I don’t do my IOL calculations without Barrett and I would never plan laser vision correction without Phorcides.”

Tom Tooma, MD

NVisionLASIK Centers

“The Phorcides software has been a game changer for us. It takes the guess work out and makes the process much more efficient. The results are incredible.”

Mickey Gordon, MD

“Phorcides has proven to be an extremely useful tool in planning Contoura.
Allows my staff to plan routine cases and is extremely useful for me in planning difficult cases.”

Parag Majmudar, MD

“Phorcides has taken the guess work out of Contoura planning by delivering a mathematical approach to the process. Without Phorcides it is pure estimation on the part of the surgeon . . . this results in less than optimal outcomes and patient satisfaction. In this era of precision laser vision correction, having the best laser platform available in the USA is not enough; Phorcidesis the missing piece of the puzzle to get Contoura treatments at the forefront of excimer laser vision correction in the US."

Rick Wolfe, MD


“We are doing well with the software.  I have been surprised how easily it has slipped into our workflow.  We have treated 24 eyes so far, the cases I have seen so far have all been 20/20 unaided or better!”

Karl Stonecipher, MD

““I have been working with Topographic guided LASIK since 2007. We were one of the first to have this technology in the United States. We worked with all of the three options presented with this technology; (1) the FDA guided treatments; (2) topographic modified refraction ; and (3) Phorcides. . . looking at the recent contralateral eye study comparing these three technologies Phorcidesis appearing to emerge as the front runner.
The ease of use of this technology is by far its best asset. The analysis is simple and accurate and if any issues are in question it will recommend alternate treatment options to save the surgeon from unwanted outcomes.”