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Phorcides for Contoura

Phorcides is clinical decision support software.

It is meant as an advisory tool to allow surgeons to consider the optical effects of topographic treatments and advise on the appropriate treatment for a patient. It provides analytic support to understand how and why treating topography affects a patient’s spherical and astigmatic Contoura treatment. It is meant to assist with calculations for primary LASIK treatments.

Surgeons who use this software must still use their own training and judgement and rely on the appropriate examination and diagnostic tests necessary for LASIK surgery. Surgeons who use Phorcides must still arrive at their own independent determination regarding the proper treatment.


Development, Use and Results of Novel Analytic Software to Improve the Accuracy of Topographic – Guided Lasik!

Mark Lobanoff, MD
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Quotes From Our Surgeons

Matt Hammond, MD

“I wanted to send a quick update on using the software.  I’ve run a quick demo for all our in house optoms and several referring.  I get the same response from everyone…"

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Tom Tooma, MD

NVisionLASIK Centers

“The Phorcides software has been a game changer for us. It takes the guess work out and makes the process much more efficient. The results are incredible…”

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Mickey Gordon, MD

“ Phorcides has proven to be an extremely useful tool in planning Contoura.
Allows my staff to plan routine cases and is extremely useful for me in planning difficult cases…”

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Parag Majmudar, MD

“Phorcides has taken the guess work out of Contoura planning by delivering a mathematical approach to the process. Without Phorcides it is pure estimation on the part of the surgeon…"

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Arthur Cummings, MD

Phorcides gives every surgeon expert insight and looks destined to make Contoura Vision the dominant treatment profile across LVC in the US (and globally too)…”

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Karl Stonecipher, MD

“I have been working with Topographic guided LASIK since 2007. We were one of the first to have this technology in the United States. We worked with all of the three options presented with this technology…”

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